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Christian Teen Life

Welcome to the Christian Teen Life blog! Here, we'll explore how Jesus can help you with the struggles and stresses of being a teenager. We'll look at how both the Bible and psychology relate to the many concerns you may have about teen life in today's world.


Tom Kennedy Ed.D

I hold a Doctor of Education degree specializing in Psychology and Counseling as well as a degree in Bible. After teaching undergraduates and training counselors for 16 years at Houston Baptist University, I retired as a professor of psychology and counseling. Additionally, I was a Mental Health Counselor for over 30 years (now retired).  My wife and I are proud parents of two daughters and grandparents to nine fantastic grandchildren, including a teenager.


I have seen teenagers struggling with depression, despair, and loneliness, particularly during the Covid era, so I created this blog to guide teenagers through those issues and to explore how Christianity can address the psychological needs of teens.


I would enjoy hearing your thoughts, concerns, and questions.  Please feel free to contact me using the form to the left.

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